Fictitious salaries of players, Minister Ahmetaj: Economist paid more than Skanderbeg's player Vangjeli

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Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:08 am

Minister of Finance and Economy, Arben Ahmetaj, spoke today in the Parliament of Albania, in an interpellation requested by the Socialist MP, Erion Brace, regarding the fiscal legality of the FSHF ( Albanian Football Federation).

Ahmetaj, as he mentioned the salaries of some of the people who belong to the Albanian football clubs, stated that the formalization of clubs is an emergency, because wages are ridiculous, and that there are even those who do not declare any salary at AFF (FSHF).

"It is clear from the Constitution that there is no political authority, ranging from the minister to an inspector to exclude any individual or corporation from tax. There is fiscal equality for any subject of the law. Treating them equally in meeting the obligations with laws voted in parliament. I know some cases and examples, Uli Monday the world champion, Bayern president, was sentenced to 3 years in prison and paid a fine, tax liabilities.

Cristiano Ronaldo was sentenced to 2 years in prison and paid 18 million euros for fiscal evasion, Jose Mourinho, paid 1.78 million pounds for fiscal evasion when they were in Spain, Lionel Messi, paid 5 mln euros for fiscal evasion while exercising his activity in Spain . Neymar with 1.2 million euros. Radamel Falcao sentenced to 4.8 million pounds. Javier Mascherano 1.3 mln euros. Xabi Alonso, Alexis Sanchez, are all cases from Germany to Spain, where there are substantial examples where fiscal lawfulness takes fundamental value.

AFF is one of the most important institutions in this country, which represents the flag of this country in international activities. Since February I have been requesting information on its fiscal legality and I still do not have a clear answer, "Brace said.

The speech was then received by Minister Ahmetaj himself in order to answer the questions of the MP.

He cited figures about the income and expenses of the Albanian Football Federation, meanwhile added that with the arrival of Rama's government, much sport has been done.

"To distinguish between the two governments about what is done for the sport. Referring to the request for interpellation, there are details that will shed light on the situation of football clubs or on the AFF activity. We have in hand the law of sport, the initiative of the prime minister, to clarify the financial support situation and will help further transparency in this area. As far as AFF is concerned today, due to the budget and legal support of the Rama 1 government, there are three new stadiums in Elbasan, Shkodra and Tirana's sports complex.

Stadiums were built only at the time of Enver. Football and many other sports are the pride of Albania, we were left and right when the national team made that spectacular appearance in France. It was this prime minister who awarded to the national team a € 1m fee to show appreciation. There are well-known football pitches that honor the country. Igli Tare, one of the best football director in the world. FSHF was once a silent institution. FSHF declares to the tax authority the VAT for sales activities, income and expenses. In 2014, 835 million ALL, spending 930 mln ALL. In 2015, 2.4 million ALL and spent 2.6 ALL. In 2016 3.92 ALL and costs 2.6 million ALL, "Ahmetaj said.

There is a problem with the clubs. Scanderbeg team, tonight club. Kristi Vangjel paid 100,000 lek, while the club's economist gets 130,000 leks a month. In 2014, with these payouts, these players have found it difficult to eat to stay on foot, let alone playing football. Footballers are paid 22,000 lek a month. With so much money, a footballer does not have the power to give a spectacle on the pitch. This requires formalization.

Then Tirana, Bujar Lubani, coach, received 36 thousand lek per month. Gugash Magani, working with zero leks, did not receive a salary, because he has a passion for football. Klodian Dervishi, coach, also with zero money. Ze Maria, receives only 90,000 lek. Then we have Ilion Lika, great footballer, 90 thousand lekë. Rafael Kosa, coach, 60 thousand lekë. You understand how far football clubs are from formalizations. Astrit Nallbani, gross salary 1 lek.

Then we have the Vllaznia payroll. Armando Cungu, 544 thousand Lek. For the sake of truth, Vllaznia is closer to formalization. Then Partizan, we have Alban Hoxha, 100 thousand new lek. There are also players who have a closer look to reality. Formalization is an emergency. FSHF compares 2014 when footballers received 22,000 leks, and in recent years, which have begun to reflect wages near reality, there is certainly an improvement in the right direction. I believe that with the law of sport, we are going through in decision-making, I am convinced that the situation will become even more positive.

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