EURO 2016 ~ Albania 0:1 Switzerland

With memories of the golden years (80's) of the albanian football still fresh on her mind, Albania is now attempting to recreate its strong football legacy. As young players start making their names abroad, the future is looking bright for Albanian football!
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Re: EURO 2016 ~ Albania 0:1 Switzerland

Sun Jun 12, 2016 2:51 am

Berat Buzhala is such a fuckboy.
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Re: EURO 2016 ~ Albania 0:1 Switzerland

Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:24 am

Like alot of us here have been saying for a while now we only conceded goals on set pieces and stupid mistakes like back passes. We did play really well for being down a man but I think Switzerland was sitting back so we don't get anything on the counter(the only way we can score) and to hold on to the 1-0 win. Not to mention Seferovic missed like 4 chances.

MOTM - Hysaj. His offensive ability was shown today and he was making crisp passes. He connected with Sadiku several times. I'm pretty sure at the end of the he was caught too far up field but better to have him pressing the issue.

Besides the blown chances Sadiku actually looked decent. He was making nice runs and getting into good scoring areas. I always appreciated his work ethic but I didn't think he could look dangerous offensively.

I didn't pay too close attention to Abrashi but a few times I saw him busting his ass defensively to mark random Switzerland players. He gets alot of shit but he's a hard worker and does the work that no one notices.

Roshi hard working defensively but he wasn't suited in this match as Switzerland where sitting back. He becomes useless at that point, lets hope France tries to rout us so we can unleash master roshi on the flanks.

Bonehead and typical mistakes by Cana. He constantly makes dumb mistakes that cost us deeply(said this in another thread the other day). It seemed like Kukeli did a decent job filling at CB though,

Agolli's crosses were disappointing.
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Re: EURO 2016 ~ Albania 0:1 Switzerland

Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:31 am

I think de biasi did a great job . The guy deserves credit and it was only one mistake that cost us today (maybe 2 with canas tackle for the first yellow). He put us in a great position to get a result but what can he do when players dont close it out for him .
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Re: EURO 2016 ~ Albania 0:1 Switzerland

Sun Jun 12, 2016 8:49 am

The France game is going to go 0:0 till the 95th minute where Albania concedes a goal.

Albania will get dominated by Romania. Déjà vu Iceland
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Re: EURO 2016 ~ Albania 0:1 Switzerland

Sun Jun 12, 2016 8:56 am

Ok ima give my two cents as someone who was watching in the stadium, as you see alot more than on tv. I was sitting on the side so had a perfect view of everything.

First off well done to Hysaj. Bravo. Unbelievable performance, he gave all he had, him and Sadiku gave everything inside them and some more for the team yesterday. Hysaj was incredible, he was at RB and RW. Roshi was just moving out of his way as Hysaj dominated the right. He tracked back with all his might when we were countered. Well done to him. I really fell in love with him as a player yesterday and honestly would love for him to be captain, he gave everything for Albania.

Sadiku cannot be left out the praise either, i cannot believe anyone criticised him, he was amazing. The two chances he missed do not mean anyone can criticise him, he made runs for all the 90 minutes, pressured as much as he could and he was trying to fire up Roshi in the second half aswell. I honestly cannot state how good Hysaj and Sadiku were, i have so much respect for them. Abrashi also had a great game and gave his all and was everywhere in attack and defence. These three, Hysaj, Sadiku and Abrashi really gave their all for Albania and are an example to the rest. I hope they are in the team for a long time to come and players who come througj play like them.

Now the other part. Roshi was awful and the most 'bravo''s i heard in the stadium were when he went off, fans were going at him all game. He was a disaster defensively and offensively. Kukeli was annonymous in the first half, De Biasi completely messed up with that choice.
The big one suprise was Xhaka, he was complete crap. I was so pissed with him. We lost the ball high up and he was jogging casually back as we got hit on the counter, he was a awful player that game. De Biasi was garbage aswell as when Cana got sent off he didn't change anything till the second half and we were so open i do not know how we survived and didn't concede another.

As a game we played amazing, with 10 men we were the better side. We should of won. I was very proud. I do not know if you saw it on tv but Gashi came on and riled up the fans where i was sitting and it would of been great if he scored.

The tradhëtar got booed constantly and only Xhaka got off till about the 70th minute when everyone was pissed and he got it too. Shaqiri was swore at non stop and booed from minute one. 'Valon magjupi' was chanted on about the 70th min very very loud. The Plisat started nearly every chant and made so much noise. When we reached Lens it was as if i had arrived in Prishtinë, it was all Albanians, the people, the music. It was truly amazing and the loss is really not that important as we were amazing as a nation.

I honestly think we will beat France.
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Re: EURO 2016 ~ Albania 0:1 Switzerland

Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:25 am

i have a weird feeling we will beat France. I know its not logical but just have a strange feeling about it. Cana not playing and first game out of the way. No expectations at all. Our kind of game. Obviously wouldn't be surprised if we lose 7-0 either haha.
I feel for Cana thou. Albanians have short memory and he will regret this. All that time trying and leading and doing amazing things to result to a comical thing like that at the end and screw everything up. But like i have always said. We will always find a way to be our worst enemy

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