History of Albanian Football

With memories of the golden years (80's) of the albanian football still fresh on her mind, Albania is now attempting to recreate its strong football legacy. As young players start making their names abroad, the future is looking bright for Albanian football!

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Albania had been invited to play in II World Cup 1934, but owing to organizing difficulties it didn’t take part. Albania is one of founding members of UEFA in 1954: it took part for first time in European Championships in 1963, for edition 1964.
First participations – 1946, Balkan Cup for National Representatives; 1961, Balkan Clubs Cup; 1963, Olympic Games eliminatory round: for Tokio 1964; 1962-63, Champion Clubs Cup; 1968-69, Cup Winners Cup; 1971-72 (forfaited), 1981-82 (played), UEFA Cup; 1999, UEFA Intertoto Cup; never in Inter-Cities Fairs Cup.



Winners of VIII Balkan Championships (Tiranë, October 1946): the first official international tournament played in Europe after Second World War
Winners of Rothmans Football International Tournament (Valletta, February 2000)

Partizani Tiranë, Winners of Balkan Champion Clubs Cup in 1970


ALBANIA “U-23” (Shpresa nën 23)
3rd place: Balkan Championship 1969 in Romania
3rd place: Balkan Championship 1970 in Bulgaria
2nd place: Balkan Championship 1974 in Romania

ALBANIA “U-21” (Shpresa nën 21)
3rd place: Balkan Championship 1976 in Greece
Winners of the Balkan Championship 1978 (home-away matches)
Winners of the Balkan Championship 1981 in Greece

Qualified among Eight best “Under 21” Teams in European Championships 1984 (Absolute Invincibility from December 7th, 1978 to March 13th, 1984 – Home Invincibility from 1973 to 1984): Authoritative English monthly “World Soccer” in December 1983 proclaimed Albania "Under 21” among best eight world teams:


ALBANIA “U-18” (e Rinisë nën 18)
Albanian Leonard Liti proclaimed the best kicker of Balkan Championship 1978 in Turkey
2nd place: Balkan Championship 1979 in Bulgaria (Agim Maliqati and Leonard Liti of Albania best goalkeeper and defender of BC)
Qualified to Final Tournament of European Championship 1982 in Finland
3rd place: Balkan Championship 1985 in Greece
3rd place: Balkan Championship 1987 in Turkey
2nd place: “Adriatic” Tournament 1990 in Italy
2nd place: Balkan Championship 1990 in Greece
3rd place: Balkan Championship 1995 in Turkey

ALBANIA “U-17” (e Paratërinisë nën 17)
2nd place: “Rijeka” Tournament 1996 in Croatia
Qualified to Second Round of European Championship 2002-03
Qualified to Second Round of European Championship 2011-12

ALBANIA “U-16” (e Paratërinisë nën 16)
Qualified to Final Tournament of European Championship 1994 in Ireland
2nd place: “Nereo Rocco” Tournament 1996 in Italy

ALBANIA “U-15” (e Paratërinisë nën 15)

Winners of “Beato Annibale Maria di Francia” Tournament 1996 in Italy
3rd place: Balkan Championship 2001 in Albania

ALBANIA “U-14” (e Paratërinisë nën 14)
2nd place: “Primavera” Tournament 1995 in Italy
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