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Important: the rules and the announcements of our Community

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a) When you join the forum you should read the messages posted in order to realize the topics, the way they are ordered, the topics already discussed because the duplicated topics make it difficult to read.

b) Open a new topic in the Forum relevant to the topic. There are are sections for each area of the albanian football.

c) The title of the topic should indicate the subject matter so that other users can quickly locate it.

d) Avoid writing posts and titles of topics in capital letters: equivalent to SHOUTING and is well understood by users.

e) Don't use bad words in the topic title. Where possible ,avoid bad language even in the body of messages.

f) Avoid 'Crossposting', or post the same message to multiple forums (Only Albania, Albanian Leagues, etc.).

g) When working in a topic respect the theme of the discussion and intervene only to argue the merits. If you do not share the validity, necessity, opportunity or tones of a topic not to intervene only to point it out.

h) The forum is not a chat. Avoid opening personal discussions and minimize strictly personal references and private communications. Alternatively use private messages.

i) If you answer a message 'with dimension', not to mention the entire original message, remove everything that is not directly related to the response. Also, do not quote a message that is directly above, as it is unnecessary.

j) To participate in a forum means to share you views with those of the others, not enunciate slogans or groped to impose absolute truths.


2.1 - Not allowed:

a) messages or topics regarding pornography and piracy, as well as those inherent in any illegal activity under current Albanian law. In particular, but not exclusively, are forbidden messages to sites that broadcast illegally streaming sports.

b) messages or topics that have object defamatory towards any person or entity precisely identified.

c) messages or topics that expose, for whatever reason, at risk of lawsuits or actions of recourse of any kind.

d) messages or topics that express negative judgments on other sites on Albania, or open discussions among people enrolled in and / or people registered to other sites or similar means of communication.

e) posts or topics that contain incitement to racial or religious hatred and discrimination of any kind.

ea) messages wishing to dispute the actual significance of racist behavior objectively racist, as identified by the laws and regulations in sport.

f) messages or topics that contain apology of fascism, in the terms established by Law.

fa) messages that equate fascism and its outward manifestations (flags, gestures, choirs etc.) ideologies and outward manifestations of political forces in the constitutional legitimate.

g) messages or topics that contain flames, controversy or personal insults directed at other users or groups of users of the forum or external to it.

h) messages topic or operations concerning the discussion of the rules of the Forum and / or choices of moderation.

i) messages or topics regarding Serbia, Serbian players or their sport events unless directly/strictly related to the topic and when they face Albania or Kosovo.

2.2 - The topic duplicates can be moved, merged or deleted without notice.

2.3 - 'prohibited all forms of advertising. In particular, the advertising sites or forums can only be done under authorization of the administrator.

2.4 - The forum user can have one and only one account: multiple accounts, if identified, will be deleted.

2.5 - It's forbidden to transcribe or email a private messages sent without the permission of the sender (such unauthorized transcript is civilly and criminally in some cases).


a) The regulation of Community, agreed to when it is not the subject of public discussion, in any circumstances.

b) Topic or interventions do not conform to the rules will be closed or deleted.

c) The work of the moderators is final. Any requests for explanations should not be done using the public space of the forum. Any comments should be sent via e-mail ( or via internal messages and still privately.

d) The moderators-directors have the power to expel from the forum users who, with their behavior (attitude polemical, quarrelsome, aggressive) prove somewhat disruptive to the forum, while not actually breaking any rules.

e) In case of a request by the competent authority will provide all the information at its disposal to help in identification of users who have held illegal behavior


Proceeding with the registration Regulation is declared accepted in all its parts by the user who registers. The regulation is periodically updated, so as to better adapt to changing the contents of the forum and, if possible, to ensure the best use of the forum users. Any change included the regulation is automatically accepted by registered users, subscribers in the period before the last change; called upon users to check periodically for new rules in the regulation of the forum.

4.1 - A message that contravene the above rules will be modified or deleted; the author of the message will be immediately removed from the forum at the discretion of the directors.

4.2 - If a removed user from the forum registers again and is identified by moderators or administrators, will be removed again.
If this user continues to resubscribe, with the aim of challenging and hinder the discussions on the forum, we will proceed with the report to the competent authority and the provider.

4.3 - Use of the incorrect forum (such as spam) acts or attempts to interrupt the normal operation, will lead to the immediate removal of the person responsible and, where applicable, reporting to the competent authority, which will be made available to all the data held administrators to trace the offender.

------- ------- Privacy Policy
User data will not be sold nor transferred or disclosed to third parties except in case of a request by the competent authorities, in ongoing investigations or investigations of routine or extraordinary.
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* 04/12/2022: New rule added under section 2.1 i) Not allowed messages or topics regarding Serbia, Serbian players or their sport events unless directly/strictly related to the topic and when they face Albania or Kosovo.
Edhe nana kur lind fmi
Si do për vete po për Shqipni ...
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