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Papagalli wrote:Greetings folks. I rarely post on here due to work, school, and personal obligations but I still lurk once a while especially during game days (NT.) I wanted to know about the users on here who reside in Europe, basically cost of living, wages, and etc in Europe.

Started dating a French/Albanian girl here in the states, and we started contemplating on moving to France (or Geneva) for good in order to be closer to our families. Has anyone ever thought about that from the states or is everyone a Hard Core american by this point? Also, what it would be like living there, I'm currently wrapping up my Bachelors degree in CS at Northeastern University, and have been working in web security for about five years now at a lucrative company based off in MIT (also had various jobs in IT as well,) so if i leave i would leave as a engineer, which isn't too bad.

With that being said, opportunities in Europe are scarce, and wages are cheaper, hence asking for some insider info if is it worth moving back to the old continent for a better lifestyle. I make a pretty good living here (but the cost of living is also quite high,) and was wondering how much I'd make there working as a programmer, and what sort of companies are the best to work at including salary wise. One major pro in Europe is free college tuition, which I was hoping to use in order to finish my masters. Work and life balance is also much better then here in the states as well. Any other pros and cons people could list on here would be greatly appreciated.
Just out of curiosity, it's your companion half Albanian half French or is she an Albanian fron France?
Anyway more or less others have already answered to you. Personally I would advice you to return in Europe.
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